Saturday, May 14, 2011

Women's Fellowship

For right at a year I've been praying, planning, and trying to make arrangements for the meeting that finally came to pass tonight. The pastor's sister helped me arrange it. My vision is to see believing women come together to grow spiritually, encourage each other, pray for one another and others, and share their faith intentionally and practically. They had not been meeting together. I just want to jump start them, and encourage them.
I call these group meetings "Extended Hands." Why? My friends and I extend our hands to our national sisters in fellowship, worship, prayer and ministry. Did you know the word hands can be found in the Bible 437 times?
I shared from God's Word from Colosians 1. Deborah and Jerry helped me make bookmarks with prayers based on Col. 1. On the back side are prayers for others using B-L-E-S-S, and a place to list people they want to pray for regularly. The girls also helped me make cookies for the tea break.
How did it go? I'm not sure. I've got to work on my language skills!
I'm praying for similar groups in other areas of our state. Will you join me?

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