Saturday, May 07, 2011

Grace Home Kids Come for Training

No photos. I left my camera at my friend's home. Seven of the big kids came to learn the Seven Commands of Christ, a basic discipleship plan by George Patterson. This was our first session, so I had to make sure they had assurance of salvation. By the end of the evening, all but one of the helpers who came did. Please remember J, and pray that she has that assurance soon. They know the hand signs for the Seven Commands, and they know the story for Command #1 -Repent and Believe. It's the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19:1-10. After telling the story a couple of times, and acting it out, I asked who would retell the story. No takers. I revealed some new Bic mechanical pencils from friends in the states. Five hands went up! They all told it in their native tongue instead of English though. But that's great. Their assignment is to tell the story to five others before next week.
They also learned a Bible study method called the sword method. A sword pointing up reminds us of four questions we can ask ourselves about any passage. The tip of the sword reminds us to ask, "What does this passage teach us about God?" The butt of the sword helps us to remember to ask, "What does this passage say about man?" A sword has two sharp edges. One edge reminds us to ask, "Is there an example to follow or command to obey?" And the other edge, " Is there a sin to avoid?" It is important for the kids to know that they have the capacity to learn from God's Word themselves, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Each of them has their own Bible.
We had a lot of fun singing, having snacks, and studying God's Word together. It's very good language practice for me. I want to be able to tell the stories in their language. I'm not there yet.

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