Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grace Home Kids Learn More about Prayer

Grace Home Kids are learning the Seven Command of Jesus. We reviewed the first three commands: 1) Repent and believe 2) be baptized 3) prayer. The kids each chose one or more of the stories to tell to the group. They did so much better this week than last. We also reviewed the sword method of Bible study. What is prayer? It is talking to God anytime, anywhere, about anything. Why can we talk to God? We can talk to God because Jesus Christ took our punishment for our sis on the cross more than 2000 years ago that those who believe in Him might have their broken relationship with God restored. 
We read Colossians 1. Terry Gooding developed some personal prayers form several verses in chapter 1, such as: vs 3- Lord God, help me to remember to give thanks to You, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in all things and to maintain an attitude of prayer.
Sometimes we may not know how to pray for someone. We learned how to pray for others using B-L-E-S-S: B for body, reminds us to pray for the person's health or healing, and for their daily needs to be met.
L for labor, reminds us to pray for God's help in their work, or studies, or their daily tasks.
E for emotional needs, reminds us to pray for hope, joy, peace, reassurance, and comfort.
S for social needs, reminds us to pray for helathy relationships with family, friends, and other people.
And the final S for spiritual needs, reminds us to pray for their salvation, if not saved, and that they would have a hunger for a close relationship with God, if they are believers.
We practiced praying for self and others. 
 Getting equipped to teach others

 Jevan retells the story of Zacchaeus.

Pearly tells the story. After a time of prayer, it was time for ice cream!!

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