Saturday, May 28, 2011

Big Girls Learn Lessons from a Dead Brother Restored to Life

The girls have learned stories of Mary, and stories about her sister Martha. Today, they learned the rest of the story about their brother, Lazarus.
Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were good friends with Jesus. Lazarus became very ill. Believing He could save their brother, Martha and Mary sent word to Jesus to please come. Instead of coming right away, Jesus delayed two days before going to Bethany. By the time her got there, Lazarus had been dead and buried in a tomb for four days. Martha was quite upset with Jesus, as she truly believed that had He come, their brother would still be alive. This was a great statement of faith. She called Him the Son of God, the Messiah. These are the same words used by Peter in Mark 8:29. She had an equal understanding of who Jesus was. Martha sent word to Mary that Jesus had arrived. Her weeping deeply touched Jesus. He asked where the body was. Martha warned that the body had begun to smell. Jesus called Lazarus to come out. And out he came, bound in the burial cloths. 
1) Jesus is the source of life -He is the resurrection and the life.
2) Jesus has power over even death.
3) Jesus had grace and compassion for the sisters.
4) Jesus hears our cries, and answers in His own perfect time.

 Lean on Me
 We started with review questions. The prize today was a silly band from Aunty Jo in SC. Thanks, Jo!
 Neyate chooses her band for retelling a story.
 The girls were eager to answer questions and retell stories when they saw the cute bands.
 Thank you, Aunty Jo!
 Making lemon pudding.

 Making wooden clothespin dolls

Snack time!!

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