Wednesday, May 04, 2011

News From Bill in Apple Country

Bill has called me three times in the last two days. Seems there is drama with the small school. You may remember that I listed a school "van" as a top need for the school. Well, when I returned from out of country, he had solved the need. I took it off my pr list. Rae's married brother bought a small car and became the school's driver. Tuesday afternoon, angry parents descended on the Victorious English School to complain about the driving situation. Bill's brother-in-law has been late, or doesn't show up at all. One day, he went off during the day and faced a road block coming back. The kids were stranded at school. It's a sticky situation, being his brother-in-law.
So Bill calls me up and says, "Aunty, we need 33, 000 more rupees to buy a small car. The parents are threatening to remove their children." That's eleven kids. I asked Bill who would drive. He said he would! He's the first and 2nd grade teacher, and the principal already! Therefore, I ask you to join us in praying for this need, and the situation at his school. The parents are also demanding fencing, with which I totally agree. Rusty barbed wire is not appropriate. They still need trained volunteer teachers. We've been praying about those other issues along with the need for the school vehicle. Please join us!

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