Friday, May 27, 2011

Big Girls Bible Club Learn Lessons From Saphira

 Last week, we learned lessons about giving from Jesus and the the poor widow. This week, we learned from Ananias and Saphira in Acts 5:1-11. Not quite as uplifting as last week's story! Nonetheless, very important lessons: generosity and pride don't mix. Ananias's reason for giving was not altogether altruistic. He and Saphira saw the admiration gained by Barnabas when he gave the proceeds from selling a piece of property. Ananias, with the full knowledge of his wife, Saphira, held back soem of the porceeds from the sale of their property but told the apostles it was the full amount. There was problem; it wasn't that he kept some back, it was the deceit. Peter called him on it, much to Ananias's shock. He told him that it was the Holy Spirit he was lying to. Ananias dropped dead on the spot, was wrapped up, carried out, and buried. Three hours later, Saphira shows up, not knowing about her hubby's demise. She also lied about the amount given from the sale of the property, and had the same fate as her husband. Great fear came upon the whole church.
In Matt. 6:3-4 we learn that Jesus wants us to give in secret, just for the sheer joy of giving, and not because of any recognition gained. I learned this by example way back in 1976 and have never forgotten it. I was just learning to set up house and cook. I really wanted the new Joy of Cooking cookbook, which at the time was the best on the market. But the $29 price was too much for me. I told God. A few nights later, my doorbell rang. When I went to answer it, I found only a brown paper bag on the mat. Inside the bag was a brand new copy of Joy of Cooking! I thanked God for the book, but never found out who sent it through. I hope that person was as blessed as I was. Another example: when I return home to the states to visit, I don't have much money for gas, or eating out with friends. Sometimes I find $10 or $20 dollar bills in my purse or Bible! Other people shake my hand and slip a large bill in my hand! What a blessing! These examples of being on the receiving end have encouraged me to help wherever I can, and encourage others to do the same.
Another lesson we learned: honesty isn't just the best policy-it is the only policy.  I get some of the material for my lessons from Liz Higgins books:  Bad Girls of the Bible and Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible. Jerry and Deborah are enjoying reading these books now.
 Making pancake mix.

 Jerry helped them make the pancakes. We had a variety of toppings, but they all chose chocolate chips!
 Jerry taught the girls how to make wired beaded angel pendants.
 Some of the girls display their finished products.
Eating the pancakes. They really enjoyed the chocolate chip pancakes.

6 cups white, wheat, or a mixture flour
6 T baking powder
2 cups powdered milk
6 T sugar
1 T salt
Mix together all ingredients and store in an airtight container.
To Use
Mix together 1 1/2 cups mix, 2 T oil, 1 cup water, and either one egg or 2 T curd.
 Fry in a little oil or butter. Before flipping, add chocolate chips, banana slices, nuts, or berries. Makes 9 pancakes.

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