Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moms and Friends Learn Lessons From Martha

 I so look forward to my time each week with the neighborhood ladies. A neighbor from Kashmir joined us. Her daughter is five. She also has a set of three-year-old twins! After sharing the story of Martha, a lively discussion ensued. We compared the cultural norms of the time of the story, and now.
 They discussed class differences and attitudes toward women. One mom shared how her mother-in-law burst into tears after she lifted the blanket of her newborn granddaughter. She hadn't even said a word to her daughter-in-law yet. When the twins were born two years later, she suggested her daughter-in-law keep the boy and give the girl away. PTL, the dad supports his wife and adores his daughters. They talked about their Hindu culture strongly encouraging Marthas -a woman's place is in the kitchen and with the children. As you can see, the mom wearing western clothes got quite excited! It was fun. I missed a lot of the good stuff because of language, but I got the jist!
For our activity, Meetu shared beauty tips. I had shared about beauty coming from a heart yielded to Christ, and how daughters with good moral character, who put God first, are beautiful. Moms of sons will fight over those girls.

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