Monday, April 02, 2012

Sunday, I returned to the area featured on March 5. More baptisms were planned, but increased scrutiny necessitated them being postponed until Monday, and later days. A meeting of the local panchayat (local self-government at the village or small town level) was held in a building near where we were. Many of the women planning to attend my Breast Cancer Awareness Program missed it (or most of it) due to the meeting. Three different local officials came to see what we were doing. My hand-outs are all secular and in Hindi except for the C2C Story in English. Oops. But here's the good news. As a part of the program, we share with them women how to prepare for death. Two older women chose to prepare for an eternity in heaven! In the last two weeks, 14 in this area have made this same decision. Angels are singing, Satan is NOT happy.
 This is mostly an agricultural region. They grow wheat and beetroots.
 Nan and Marley rest after the long journey to get to the rural village.
 The girls teach them new songs.

 Learning about breast self-examination. One in twenty-two women in India will get breast cancer. Only 50% will survive.
 S leads the ladies in a prayer to repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ.
One of the precious girls who came with their mom.
Please pray for these women as they tell others the life-saving message about breast cancer and how to prepare for eternity.

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