Saturday, March 31, 2012

Big Girls Bible Club Learn About Jesus' Last Week on Earth

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the day we remember Jesus' triumphal entry in to Jerusalem, and marking His last week on earth. I tried to share some of the major events during that time. The girls recorded these events in their notebooks. I also taught them "Lamb of God." Many of these girls go to a Catholic school, although they are Hindu and Sikh. They have Friday off from school.
 Getting ready for the story
 Working on their notebooks
 Making the Jesus booklet

 Khushi and Tanya made bookmarks. They forgot their notebooks.
 Next week, we'll finish the story with the Resurrection of Jesus!Tomorrow I am returning to S District to present a breast cancer awareness program. We also have another baptism scheduled, so check back Monday for a report and pictures.

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  1. Is Jesus a Muslim Prophet?

    Bible says that woman must cover head and wear veil