Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Training in J Village

Monday, S, Nan, and two others from their church went with me to J village about an hour and 15 minutes around the mountain from here. We waited while they changed from working in the fields.
 It was so beautiful and pleasant outside! I loved it out there.

 Saw a little critter in a tree.
 Nan and friend demonstrate the breast self-examination.
These are some of the ladies as they listened. Only the hostess is a believer. The others said they don't believe in anything. Nan shared the creation to Christ story, and S shared how they could become followers of Jesus. They invited us back next month! They also asked us to tell the children about Jesus, so we are planning a children's program as well! GOD IS GOOD! Thanks for praying. Tomorrow's (Wednesday) program is postponed.

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