Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Moms and Friends Easter Party

I decided to use my homemade Resurrection Eggs to share the story along with a new book a friend sent me (thanks, Greg). In each egg, I had a verse to go with the item. I passed around the eggs until they were all gone. I called out the egg color and whoever had it opened it and read the verse in Hindi from the Bible. I shared the pictures from the book.
 My entry way. The hanging batik is from China. The tablecloth batik is from Sri Lanka.
 Making lemon bundt cake.

 Looking up the verses.

 I don't like the screen I had made so I draped a bunch of my dupattas on it!

 I explained the tradition of coloring eggs, and how they symbolize the New Life we can have in Jesus Christ. We used some food coloring, plus we used some natural dyes such as tumeric and coriander.
Here are the symbols and verses I used in the eggs:
1. Palm leaf -Matt. 21:1-11
2. Perfumed cotton ball - John 12:2-8
3. bread - Matt. 26:17-19
4. coins - Matt 27:3 
5. cross - John 19:17
6. thorny vine -John 19:2
7. purple cloth -John 19:23
8. nails -John 19: 18, 37
9. Q-tip - Matt. 27:34
10. cloves, cinnamon, cardamon -John 19:40
11. flat stone - Luke 24:1-2
12. empty - Luke 24:3-6
13. a piece of linen - John 20:6-7
14. a fish - Luke 24: 41-43
15. world map - Matt. 28:19-20
16. polyester fiberfill for clouds -Acts 1:1-11
After we finished the Story, I told them I had hidden 16 eggs. Oh my goodness! They were so excited! Inside was a slip of paper with their prize written on it. I gave nail files, notebooks, floss, and candy.
Is anybody reading this? Sure wish I could get some comments.

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