Friday, April 20, 2012

Ladies' Meeting in SJ

What a blessing! Today marked the first time we've met together since the winter break. What a difference from Tuesday's group! These ladies love the Lord. They range in ages from about 22 to 60. About half are illiterate, but they all love the Lord. What a joy spending some time with them!
I shared the story of Hannah, and lessons we could learn from her. For our activity, I had a Bible Quiz Game. We divided the ladies into two groups. I had two rounds of ten questions each, then the championship round. Thanks for friends from the US I had prizes. It was great because each team won one round. Th ladies seemed to love it. They said they learned a lot from the questions.
Next month, we'll learn from a different woman of the Bible, and have another game of Bible Quiz.
I took a taxi there, but tried to take two buses back. I waited 45 minutes for the second bus because all of them were so crowded. It was a bit chilly standing out on the mountainside, waiting for that bus. I finally got on one, but never got a seat. My arm kept hitting a lady in the back of the head. Oops. My knees were killing me, I lost my balance, but my spirit was so high it didn't matter. I love these mountains. I love these people. I love that God has me here. He made me beautiful feet.

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  1. Dear Lady,
    I am so glad that you had 2 good meeting experiences since the not so good one last week.
    Buddy Boy and I have prayed for you and your efforts to reach your neighbors. The ladies at the WOM meeting prayed for you at our meeting on Thursday. I put a package in the mail on Monday, a couple of things for Marley from the GA's and a little something from me. As I have told you before you are much loved by many people.
    This area is singing praises to God for the wonderful rain we received over the weekend.

    Marley's Lady