Friday, May 18, 2012

Challenges in J Village

Hopefully, you read my post about the breast cancer awareness training in the rural J village. If not, you can click here. The response was very positive, and we were invited back. One lady who professed to believe in nothing, requested we return on second Saturday when most of the women would be free, so that more women could hear this program. She was also the one pushing for us to come and conduct a children's program. We agreed. Before the training, our sister told us 23 were ready to come, and 15-20 children. So, we recruited three more to do the children's program, spent hours planning and gathering all the supplies, spent a lot on a taxi, and traveled the hour and a half to get there at the appointed time.
Our hostess had injured her rib the day before and was in pain, yet still, she went around the village reminding the ladies to come. We sat and waited, which is par for the course when you do these trainings. The weather was perfect, the view magnificent, and the company interesting. The ladies trickled in. Finally, our hostess, clearly frustrated and near tears, told us the reason behind the poor showing. That very same lady who had pushed for the children's program went behind our hostess and told them all not to go, that we were trying to change their religion. Opposition is not new, nor unexpected in this area of the country. We must be on guard not to be discouraged, and continue to do what God has called us to do.
We shared the life-saving information about breast cancer to a very positive audience. Then, before sharing the part about how to prepare for eternity, I talked about what had happened, and why some weren't there. We cannot change anyone's religion. We brought information that could save their lives, and this we shared. We can only (in obedience) try to communicate clearly the gospel message. Everyone must make their own choice. We cannot choose for them. Every week, my Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist neighbors share about their festivals and faith with me. A long time ago, I studied different religions, and made my choice. When talking about facing death, I can only share about my own faith and how it prepares me. I cannot talk about another's faith. I can share the hope I have found, and why I am not afraid to die. The ladies listened, and tsked (that clucking sound)  in agreement to my statements about having to choose for themselves.
After sharing along these lines, we preceded to share from creation to Christ, and how He conquered death that we may live. When we finished, several stayed and asked for prayer, but all of the ladies thanked us and took our hands in a show of respect and gratitude.
Was I disappointed? For the ones who did not come, yes, and for our hostess, yes. Discouraged? I admit, it would have been easy to be discouraged, but I have to keep the big picture in mind, and be obedient to the task. If just one lady in that group made a decision to prepare for death by choosing life in Christ, what a wonderful result! That could be the one lady to bring her entire village to faith. Because of the breast cancer information we shared, we know we made a difference in their quality of life. By traveling the distance twice, we greatly encouraged our sister, the only believer in her village.
Challenged, yes; discouraged, no. Please remember sister K and the women of J village.
 I thought it odd that the big boys wanted to color, but Vic said they are not well-educated, and wanted to make the craft.
 We didn't have the 15-20 as hoped for, but those who came were very happy.
 The lady on the far left is K, and our hostess.
 She was proud of what she made. She was able to retell both Bible stories to the latecomers!
 The road to the other side of somewhere.
We had a beautiful day for our trip, despite the challenges. Challenges remind us Who is in control.

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  1. You were faithful to your word to go back to this village and share. G. is faithful to you because you are faithful to Him.

    Blessings on you as your prepare to travel again.

    Tell Marley Happy Adoption Day from Buddy Boy.

    Buddy Boy's Lady and Marley's Aunty