Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pearls of Great Price in SJ

We were invited to go to a believer's home in SJ to share the breast cancer awareness program with neighborhood women. First, I had my regular monthly meeting with a group of SJ ladies at Archana's church, then met up with Nan, Sallu, and Vic. We hiked for over 30 minutes to the lady's home. It was already filling up with ladies. Twenty-six women and six children filled the room, covering the bed and the floor. More were in the kitchen. The response was very positive. The women seemed so grateful for the information that could save their life. The last part of the program is how to prepare for death. This is where we get to share about preparing for eternity. This gives women hope. Fifty percent of the women who get breast cancer in India will die. It is probably higher here in the mountains because of lack of knowledge, and limited access to the proper affordable medical treatment. Women who work in the fields most keep working, and say they can't go to the doctor. In the program, we teach them the importance of early detection, and how to examine themselves. Not all lumps are cancerous, so it is important to have a biopsy to check. There are affordable government hospitals here in the city. 

 Sallu sharing her part in the program.

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