Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Pretty Nice Mother's Day

One of my best friend's daughter gave birth to twin boys today at 32 weeks, but so far everybody is fine, praise the Lord! At the big church on the hill, I witnessed my friend Prabha's son being baptized, as well as the infant daughter of two of their workers at the children's home. Then, I went to M's church. Nan and Vic promptly each gave me a beautiful hand made card. After the service, I witnessed 15 taking their stand in believer's baptism! Following the baptism, we all had lunch. Yesterday, my three godchildren Kiki (5), Ez (3), and Y (7 mos)  sent me red roses. Well, as Ez said, "I didn't send them, my mom did." I came home and Skyped with my beautiful mom. She was drinking from the photo mug I sent her! I have two house guests, so I had the excuse to make lasagna, garlic cheese biscuits, green beans, and veggies. It's been a pretty nice day! I am so thankful! Happy Mother's Day to all the first- time moms, especially my niece, Les.

 In the big church, they sprinkle...

 But immersion is the example we have in the Bible. It's a picture of what God did for us.

 First Lord's supper

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  1. You did have a nice Mother's Day. You are loved by lots of children even though you are not their biological mother. You are loved by our GA's and you and Marley will be an integal part of our Recognition serivce on the 23rd.

    The pastor gave us the entire hour so we get to have the girls tell about what they do to earn their badges, one of which is a pen pal badge. All of them want to tell about 'pen paling' with Marley.

    May G. continue to bless you and keep you safe and healthy. (Anybody who can hike in the mountains like you do has to be healthy)

    Buddy Boy's Lady.