Friday, June 08, 2012


I returned to Apple Country for the school's Annual Function and took Nan with me. She was a tremendous help, in getting the kids ready, and acting as MC for the program. We were also able to present Pearls of Great Price in two different villages. Nan also fell in love with the place. Bill and Rae continue to reach out to the community, but still face resistance. Programs such as the Annual Function and our breast cancer programs help to raise his standing with the community.
After three days, we headed for the high country. I haven't been back since July 2010. I went to train new workers at the school. They come because they have a heart for Jesus. I also train the new local teachers who teach Hindi, Sanskrit, and Tibetan. This area is very near Tibet, so foreigners are required to get a special permit to enter the area. It took two more days to get there, traveling on even more dangerous roads than the ones into Apple Country! What an adventure! The views are just staggering!
I so enjoyed God's beautiful creation in this part of the world! Most of the people are Tibetan Buddhists. The Buddhist school receives tons of support from the private sector as well as the local government. It has been a long, hard road to keep the school open. They have secured some property, and when they raise enough money, they can begin to build the new school. This is required to get the ICSE Board certification. Right now they just have state affiliation.
Nan was a great help teaching the kindergarteners every morning while I trained the teachers. Some of the new workers are just out of high school! Some are from South India. What a difference for them!
Nan and I presented the Pearls of Great Price program for 31 nonbelieving community women. The response was very good. I hope they teach others. But more than that, I hope they realize the Truth about Jesus Christ. 
Some photos from the Annual Function at Victorious English School.

The special guests at the function presenting school bags for needy kids. They are from the Bible Society of India.

 I love hiking up to Y village! I never tire of the river.

Come back tomorrow for photos from the other school! Please pray for the people in the photos!


  1. We are glad to hear that you are back home, safe and sound. What a trip! The pictures are wonderful. The ladies pray for you constantly.

    Aunty Sarah and I went to a wedding last month. It was in Ocala so we had a chance to catch up with each other's doings. Her daughter has a teaching position - 3rd grade reading and ??. Her son-in-law works at a hospital in Ocala. He is over qualified for what he is doing, but he is happy to have a job.
    Both the daughter and husband are welcome additons to the choir and Sunday School.

    Give that baby a hug for us.

    Buddy Boy's lady

  2. More photos! I just wish I were there with you. Don't get discouraged, it is tough to see or not see results, here disparaging comments and of course Satan wants us to get down and give up. But you said it best, if just one girl/woman comes to know Him, she could be the one to bring the rest of the village to saving knowledge of Him. What seeds we plant we never know How the Holy Spirit will make the seed grow and sprout. Your job is just to plant as many seeds as possible hoping some will take root. God bless you LS, hang in there. It's cool to see the girls with some of the things I sent over being used.