Friday, July 01, 2011


What a fun day! The ladies spent the morning planning for Saturday's all-day ladies' meeting, Extended Hands. We appreciate your prayers. We have 68 women signed up! For a first ever event, this is good! More than anything I want God to be glorified and I want His plans! Bethany is speaking on patience and sharing her story. Kathy is sharing about following God, as well as sharing her story. We'll have small group sessions in the afternoon as well as vision casting for the next meeting in September. As I type, the ladies are making bookmarks for tomorrow.
All went to Grace Home for Children this afternoon and shared stories, songs, crafts, and games with the 20 kids there.
 You'll have to ask Dusty why he is using hairspray!
 Bro. Lynn was not going to be left out! He sprayed, too!
 This sweet baby belongs to workers at the Home.

 This couple does ministry through cooking at the home. In the evenings, the guy does home visitations.

 Kathy took the six oldest ones who do discipleship with me every Friday.
 They taught her the hand signals for the Seven Commands of Jesus. The team left bananas, gifts of candy packets, stickers, and tee shirts for the boys.
The men are headed off with Bro. Ajay tomorrow to do some home visits. Jerry made us pizza for dinner. We had salad with lettuce I grew on my balcony!! I also made a peach cobbler, but we didn't get to eat it.

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