Thursday, July 07, 2011


The men were with a local pastor today, so we were not with them. But, I do know they made it back to the Y. The ladies had an awesome, blessed day! We are pooped! It's my Moms and Friends Bible Club meeting day. Bethany led the review of what she taught last week, and also taught how to make a white cake (cupcakes). The ladies loved it! Kathy shared today's lesson. We had another new lady today, and the two new ones from last week returned!

 Bethany and Monika
 Bethany and Cherring

Soon after the ladies left, four of them returned and invited us to a tea party at 5:30 pm. They wanted to do something for my visitors!
 Okay, so they served us Pepsi, then coffee -no chai (and no whisky).
 My friends got to try new Indian dishes.

 Bethany made a new friend.

 The ladies presented Bethany and Kathy with gifts. How sweet!
 I don't know why!
 I hope these good-byes aren't final. We want them for forever sisters!

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