Monday, July 04, 2011


The team split up this morning to speak in two different churches with our closest partners. Kathy and "Dust" as the pastor introduced him, spoke in Ajay's church on the mall. Bro. Lynn and Bethany went to MP's church. Unfortunately, somebody forgot that she had my camera to take photos! Oh well. You know what they look like! They had a very large group there. After church, the men stayed and the women were outside. Bro. Lynn and Dust led the men's meeting. Kathy and I walked over there with Dust. She went inside to talk with Bro. Lynn, looked around and realized she was the only woman in there!
We hooked up with Bethany and took the pastor's daughter, Nancy, to lunch with us. Bethany wanted a hamburger -in India! She'll have to wait until we return to the capital city and go to Hard Rock Cafe or another western chain!! She settled for a chicken burger and chicken enchiladas. Nancy had never had either.

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