Saturday, July 02, 2011


Today was the day I have been praying for since I moved here a year ago. EBC made it possible! They provided the funds to rent the YMCA, and pad for lunch. Women from different area churches gathered together today. This type of meeting has not been done before. It was such a blessing being with these sisters! Kathy and Bethany did an awesome job sharing their stories, and messages God laid on their hearts. Feedback was very positive. The ladies are looking forward to the next gathering Sept. 24, when my home church volunteers will be here!
Jerry and Tony "womaned" the registration table.

Kathy prepares with Jyothi, one of our translators

 We played a game called Three In Common," where the ladies had to find three things in common with someone they didn't know well.

Lunch got good reviews. Thanks, EBC!

 We divided into small groups for prayer and ideas for the September meeting.
 Jerry made cookies for everyone.

 This young woman volunteered to lead the singing.

 Nancy helps Bethany share the Word.
 Tanisha and Munu got into the music.
 Prabha is the mom from the Grace Home. Her husband is a priest at the Christ Church.
 Nirmila helps at the children's home. She hopes to go to Bible College next month.

 Next time, we need to provide better childcare! I had coloring sheets but no supervision. At times the kids were distracting.
 Nancy is one of our partners' daughters and is only 16 years old. She did a fantastic job of translating for us in two meetings. She is a senior in high school.
 Anil made the arrangements for us at the YMCA, as well as got our train tickets for us.
 Baby Wyatt got lots of attention today.

This little guy lives in my neighborhood. He suffers from a blood disease.

What an awesome day! Praise the Lord!
Bethany and Jerry left early to make it home for the Big Girls Bible Club. They had 15 girls today! What a handful!
 Some little sisters showed up today. They're supposed to be 10 to come.

Ask Bethany what she taught the girls today. Jerry is helping the girls with the craft. Bethany helped them make chocolate drop cookies.

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