Thursday, June 30, 2011


Before going to SG, we went shopping for tee shirts for the boys at the Grace Home, where we will be going tomorrow, and for supplies for Saturday's Women's Meeting. You'll have to ask Dusty about this guy we met in the stationary shop!
We all went to a town about 45 minutes up the mountain. We hired a taxi. It's a beautiful trip. We were invited to share a message with the church there. The church doubles as a preschool. Bro. Lynn delivered the main message of encouragement while each of the others shared briefly as well. They were well received.

Early birds.
 While waiting for church to start, Bro. Lynn did the disappearing thumb trick.
 It was funny watching them all try ot do it!

 A man of many talents!
Dusty sharing a personal testimony.
 Bethany sharing, or is she explaining about her lovely dupatta?

Nancy, right, did a great job of translating for us. She's 16 and a senior!

This little guy didn't appreciate all the good messages. He cried.
 Got water?

 After the church service, we went up the mountain to my friend Naina's house for snacks.
 Dusty really liked the deep fried bread called bread pakora.

 We hitched a ride down the mountain in this car.

 We took the bus back to town, then hiked up the mountain from the bus stand, and walked by the Catholic church.
 Christ Church by night.
Bethany bringing back parachute pants. She lost her drawstring and had to hold her pants up all the way back from the small town!! She finally got it back in!


  1. LOVE that outfit! I wish I was there with you guys!

  2. Thank you again for all the pictures and info! It is so encouraging and helpful as we now have faces to put with prayer requests in addition to lifting up the EBC team! Bless you for your ministry among the people of India! Jenna

  3. leave to my dad (lynn harris) to show them how to make their thumb disappear! ha ha ha!!! will yall also please tell my daddy (lynn harris) that me and mama (susan harris) miss him bunches and can't wait for him to come back home!

    jennifer mcmanus