Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Girls Learn Lessons From A Foreign Woman

 Finished craft
 The girls chose their favorite memory verse and decorated a frame.

This week the girls heard the story of the foreign woman's faith from Matthew 15: 22-26. While Jews in His own town did not believe He was the Son of God, a foreign woman was so convinced that she could not be discouraged. At first, He ignored her. Then He tested her. " I am only sent to the sheep of Israel." That was His primary mission. He was the fulfillment of the OT prophecies for the Jews. She persisted. He replied saying that it wasn't right to give the children's bread to the dogs. She countered that even the dogs eat the crumbs from under the master's table. "Children" refers to the Israelites, and "dogs" to the Gentiles. Her faith was rewarded. He healed her daughter.
Lessons? Jesus doesn't turn anyone away who has genuine faith. It takes genuine faith for a request to be answered. Is your faith genuine?

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