Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Oops! One is down this morning.But good news, tonight that sicky is feeling much better, and seems good to go.
Today the ladies led my Moms and Friends Bible Club. We had a record eight ladies come, including a new lady! These women are all moms of daughters, live in my neighborhood, and are from different religious backgrounds. 

 Even baby Padma gets into the action songs!

 Two of the ladies planned today's snacks. In honor of our American visitors, they prepared two Indian dishes. Here, they are making rice pudding.
They also brought dokala, a tasty snack.

 Bethany tells the women her story, and Lydia's story.

 Mona reads about Lydia in her language.
 The women appreciated Bethany's lesson and sharing of her story. She did an awesome job  teaching lessons from the life of Lydia.
The guys met with a local pastor to make plans for the week.
The ladies, Jerry and I worked all evening preparing for the coming events. Time for bed!

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