Tuesday, April 05, 2011

BGBC Learn Lessons From Mary, Lazarus and Martha's Sister

While Martha gave us a picture of service, and Lazarus a picture of fellowship as he sat at the table with Jesus, Mary gave us an example of true devotion and love. She poured out the costly perfume, or ointment on Jesus's feet. She gave sacrificially, not caring about Judas's criticism. She didn't announce what she planned to do, nor did she talk about it afterwards. She just did it. Another week we'll learn from Martha, but this week it was from Mary. My prayer is that these girls will someday soon come to love Jesus with this kind of devotion. 
 The girls made granola from wheat flakes, oats, barley flakes, seeds, honey, butter, and brown sugar. Our craft was a picture frame, thanks to Susan J. and friends in Daytona. You continue to bless us. We also used supplies sent by our friends in GA. Thanks, Greg.

 "Deborah" in the back, is spending her summer vacation from sem. with me. It's great to have her here.
 The girls work on their picture frames.
 Berry Koolaid and granola. It came out very tasty!
Okay, so I added some m&m's Janice and Larry sent me!
I made another batch to take with me to Victorious English School tomorrow. The trip takes about 5 hours over some very interesting roads! Look for photos in a couple of weeks. 

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