Friday, April 15, 2011

Victorious English School

So, I finally made it back to KG in apple country to help Bill and Rae with the little school. It's a long, hard journey. My Chinese goddaughter, Deborah, and my dog went with me. It's still quite cold in the mountains. The apple trees are just budding, so I didn't get to see the apple blossoms there.
The kids remembered Aunty. They are still singing the songs and saying the chants and rhymes I taught last time. I taught more. I was at school every day trying to get the rooms to look more like classrooms were children were busy learning. Bill has asked me to help with the pre-school and kdg. program. I really wanted to help more in class 1-class 4, but just not enough time.
Thanks in part to donations from Sarah and friends in NC, and Aunty Glenda, the rooms look a lot better. The kids were thrilled with all of the supplies. Setting up centers helped the teachers be able to teach a few at a time. They loved the kitchen set, all the puzzles, the play dough, the flashcards, the colored paper, the math manipulatives, and the white board markers! I also used a lot of paper donated by Greg and friends in GA. They are still using the supplies they sent. Aunty Marilyn and Aunty Sarah sent some spring scenes which the first through fourth classes loved.
The new pre-nursery(2.6-3.6 years old) and nursery(3.6-4.6) class teacher was very open to help, and worked very hard to learn about all the new materials. I held trainings over several days, and demonstrated every day. Rae is teaching kdg. Bill is (attempting) to teach first and second. His sister-in-law is another new teacher, teaching third and fourth -with a three month-old baby in her lap! The school is up to 30 now! Another donation allowed them to buy some new plastic chairs.
They still need fencing, but we were able to meet the need of a water purifier. Slowly, the school is taking shape.
 Thank you Sarah and friends!
 Thank you Aunty Glenda!
Some books I ordered to help me prepare.
 This is Ren, the new pre-nursery and nursery teacher. The kids had no chairs, and the walls were bare except for things I did with the kids last year. The new school term began March 10.
 This day, third and fourth were in with first and second because the teacher didn't come for grades 3 & 4.
 Rae holding 15 month-old Pallu. Yes, it is challenging having her around the school, but Rae and Bill now live upstairs.
Bill teaching, using what they had for a "white" board.
 This puzzle is now a floor mat for center time.
 First-grader using one of the math tools sent from GA. They did not know their facts. This was a great help, as well as the colored discs and Unifix cubes.
 Kitchen corner.
 Kindergarteners loved the playdough. They made snakes and balls.
 Tracing and coloring circles. Thanks for the paper.
 Kindergarteners cutting circles. Deborah tries to help with this new skill.
 Tracing and painting circles- a first for them.
 Reading books at the new table I brought.
 Playing with the kitchen set. These two in front are the youngest -not yet 3.
 Here's an after shot with the number wall. Now there are some red painted circles on it as well.
Here's an after shot with the new white board, calendar, weather song, and weather signs.
 The view.
Morning assembly.
 Pallu, fifteen months old.
 The school.
 Playing with the new blocks.

 This is Joey, Pallu's three month-old cousin, and son of the thrid and fourth grade teacher.

 Our room: Deborah, Marley, me and the mice

Pallu playing around on our bed.

On the return trip home, we got to see some apple trees in bloom. The skies were clear, but it was cold! Bill and Rae hitched a ride with us, so it was crowded coming home. I' would have loved to have stayed longer, but Bill and Rae needed to come to town to buy new uniforms for the new students.
I'd love to have some comments. I wonder if anybody reads my blog.

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