Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Victorious English School

I had planned to be in Apple Country in February to help Bill and Rae open the new school year.  Well, my plans changed when I had to stay out of the country 60 days due to visa issues. I've been talking with Bill and Rae on the phone. They opened school with snow still on the ground. I sent some lesson plans for their pre-school and kindergarten until I can get there. Thanks to friends in Wake Forest, NC, I have some more teaching materials to take when I go next month. The needs are still great, but He is providing. In a few years the school will support their ministry in the area. I am praying for two believing English and Hindi speaking national teachers willing to volunteer there. It's difficult for the current small staff to teach the English curriculum.
The parents want a fence around the front of the property, but that hasn't happened yet. Bill and Rae are still praying for a school van, which will also generate income when used as a taxi. I am so thankful for those who have taken an interest in this tiny school. Some have sent supplies, some have expressed an interest in coming and helping to improve the facilities, and one retired teacher has sent funds to help. Bill and Rae are so appreciative. They covet your prayers.
I can't wait to return and try to help them fulfill their vision for the school. 

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