Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grace Home Easter Celebration

The kids came back, twenty of them, including two visiting cousins of Christy who don't speak Hindi OR English. I used very visual things, so they got the message, I think. I used an Easter Story bag, given to me by Beth S. As I told Jesus's Story, I turned the bag inside out and it was another color, starting with purple, then black, red, white, and yellow. I also had pictures in the Story Bible. Thanks to Aunty Marilyn and Aunty Sarah I had sticker sheets for the little ones to make the Resurrection scene. It helped keep them focused. There are six new ones, mostly very young. Some of the older ones were very helpful.
Praise the Lord, J. and C. came to help me! I had back to back parties. The guys helped with crafts, snacks, the egg hunt, and gift distribution.

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