Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News About Victorious English School

Recently, a team from Minnesota went to the school to help improve the play area. They hung tire swings, and made other physical improvements. Thanks to a generous donation by my friend Glenda and her husband Tom, the school's debt as been paid, and they had the money to make some needed improvements -like replace the missing window panes as the cold weather arrives! They were able to pay their school staff. I may be able to return in November to do some training, as I will be in that district (three hours away) doing a training for women leaders.
The school has a new male teacher, freshly graduated from university, and a new pre-school teacher. Neither are believers. May went to her home state for an annual conference, and will return soon.
Yesterday, Bill called me to tell me Rae was here in the local hospital, suffering from fever and dehydration. She was released and they headed home, but they stopped in RP because of her bad headaches.

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