Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moms and Friends Bible Club

A couple of months ago, I started a Big Girls Bible Club in my home for the neighborhood girls. My friend had a Children's Bible Club in this house before me. I felt led to have a club for just the big (11 and up) girls. The girls were very excited to come to be able to come. Each week, I tell them a story about a girl from the Bible. We started with Eve, and learned lessons from her life. We sing, we do crafts, and we cook. So far, we have learned lessons from Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Deborah, Rebekah, Leah and Rachel. I wanted to make friends in my neighborhood, so I invited the girls' moms and other neighbor ladies to come each week for the same story but with different applications. We cook and do crafts as well. It's been great. I share with them what I am teaching their girls and encourage dialog about the lessons they are learning. We are learning about God, and our need for a savior. The ladies are from three different religious backgrounds. They love that their daughters are learning values, and good character.

Today, the ladies made a craft for the first time. The girls do a craft every week, but the moms have been cooking.
Meetu is showing off her new bracelet and earrings she made from wire and beads.
We gather in the living room to hear a story from God's Word.
We made lemon pound cake last week.

Here are the Big Girls Bible Club members showing off their jewelry they made one Saturday recently.
Another week, the girls made quick chocolate pudding, and a memory verse bookmark.
I'm keeping a scrapbook of what we do each week. It's really been fun!

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