Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grace Children's Home

I started volunteering at the children's home around the corner from me. These are the younger kids. They go to an English medium school but the teachers speak mostly Hindi. So I am doing some oral English with them. These little guys are on holiday right now, but the other kids aren't.

These are the kids that came home from school later. I let them make wooden bead bracelets. They were thrilled! They want the folks that sent the beads and pipe cleaners to see!
I taught them some songs, including some for Christmas.
Here, the little ones are making their bracelets. The six oldest kids are at a youth camp. They are also out of school for a holiday. I will be doing another kind of training with them when they return. The kids go to about six different schools! There are twenty kids currently living there. The little girl in the middle lost her parents to HIV, but she is fine so far. Rev. Paul and his wife (beautiful feet) adopted her. Many of the kids have one parent, but they can't take care of them for different reasons -widow or widower, poverty, having to go far for work... This is a faith-based ministry, not supported by any organization. God put it in their hearts to open this home about five years ago. Please add them to your prayer list! You know I had great fun today!

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