Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Afternoon at Aunty's

Five of the kids at the children's home are out of school all this week.  One got picked up by her widower father and went for an outing. He has beautiful feet! I took the other four home with me. Today, I received a couple of packages from FL. These little ones helped me sort some Christmas stickers that wiggles their way out of their containers and into the bottom of the box. This little precious guy is the youngest at 4 1/2. His parents are Nepali road laborers and can't take care of him. I think his favorite part of the afternoon was bouncing on my sofa!

This precious six-year-old wasn't feeling well. She went threw her tissues rather quickly, but she loved stringing beads for her necklace. Her father left her mother. She's been at the home for two years.

He looks much younger than his nine years, but he is really smart and so good. He is sporting the choker he  made as well as the bracelet he made on Thursday. His father died in an accident. His mom had to go find work. He's been at the home for about six months.

This five-year-old also had a very runny nose. He too, loved the sofa. His father died and his mother remarried. His step-father doesn't want him.
The kids made a fall leaf name sign for their bed post, and strung a wooden bead necklace.
After a snack of tiger biscuits and lemonade, I took the little ones back to the home. DId I want to keep them? Of course!

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