Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big Girls Bible Club Learn Lessons From Potiphar's WIfe

We gather on Saturdays to learn lessons from a girl in the Bible. Today's story is a bit challenging to tell to young girls, but they did learn valuable lessons! They learned we must watch how we live our lives, and get out of bad situations, among other things. The girls were able to retell the stories about Rachel and Leah to those who have missed lately. This is festival season, and they have been out of school.
Today, the girls made fall photo frames. We make a big mess, but the girls are good about helping to put everything back in its baggie or box. These supplies were graciously sent by friends in the US. 
For snack, we had hot chocolate and Tiger biscuits.
The girls proudly display their finished products. Each one is different and special -just like the girls! Things hadn't been going well for us around here the last two days -many challenges. But, He is good! Being able to share with the girls, and make a big mess just makes the challenges seem less important. By the time they left, my mobile phone service was restored, and I received two wonderful phone calls from friends in other cities, and my dog seemed to be energized by the company. Today is a major festival, and the vet hospital was closed. We took a taxi to another doctor, waited in the hot sun for lunch break, only to find out he was off for the holiday as well. He is dragging his hind legs -back trouble. Living in another culture has its challenges, and when they all seem to come on one day, it can be overwhelming. But I am not here alone. God is with me, and gives me what I need to keep going, and not give up.

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