Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Delilah & Chocolate Balls

Hannah told me about this easy recipe, but didn't give me the measurements, so I made them up! The Big Girls Bible Club made them last week and loved them. We finely crushed three single packages of Oreos and mixed them with one tub of Amul Creami Cheese. We rolled the mixture into small balls and dipped in melted chocolate. We added colorful sprinkles and chilled until firm. Hannah says she also uses white chocolate. I tried that too, but didn't have any today.

 The girls learned from Delilah, whose story can be found in the Book of Judges chapter 16. Of course we had to learn about Samson, first. Hmmm. He's not the best example for listening to your folks, but it was all in God's plan. Delilah chose silver over the love of her man. Samson teaches us that God has a purpose for our lives. From Delilah we learn we shouldn't cut others down with our words, but encourage their strengths.
For craft, we made a Recipe For Me. I gave each girl a foam card. They wrote three physical characteristics and three personality characteristics for themselves. They decorated them beautifully! I always tell them that there is no one just like them. They are unique; they are special. God has a plan for their lives.

Some of the girls with their finished Recipe Cards.