Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Big Girls Learn from Lot's Wife

 We don't know her name, just that she was married to Lot, Abraham's nephew. She is best known for turning into a pillar of salt because she looked back as they were fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah. Wow. High cost for her disobedience! God had chosen to destroy the wicked cities, but because of Abraham's pleading, He spared Lot's family. His son-in-laws thought he was joking, and didn't leave. His wife ignored the warning not to look back, and turned into a pillar of salt. Perhaps she forgot the warning in the stress of the moment, or she didn't hear it above all the screaming. Sometimes we think we have good reasons for our disobedience, but the consequences come anyway.
Today we made colored salt candles from salt, powdered tempera paint, baby food jars, wax, and string.
First, the girls colored the salt in many colors using powdered tempera paint.
 They secured a wax dipped string into the bottom of the jar with playdough. They used a paper funnel to layer the colors of their choice into the jar.
 I melted wax over boiling water and colored it with a blue crayon.
 Once their layers were finished, some used toothpicks down the sides to make designs. Then, I sealed the salt candle by carefully pouring wax over the top.
 Time for a popcorn snack.
 Finished products-reminders of Lot's wife's disobedience. When God says to run, we should run!
 Yanna used a toothpick to make the designs in her candle.
Sanvi is the youngest. Her mom comes on Wednesdays and she just really wanted Sanvi to come. Even though she is only six, she listens well, answers questions, and seems to understand. He mom says she absolutely loves coming to Aunty's house.
This story reminds me of when, as a primary teacher I had to prepare my students for emergencies. We had school-wide fire drills, and inclement weather drills. I told mys students that if we got word, or heard the bell to evacuate, not to ask me if any questions -it didn't matter if it was a drill or not. We would not wait to find out. It didn't matter if it was a bomb or a fire or something else, we would get to safety and then find out. If I was told to get my students to safety, I would do that without asking any questions at all, so they shouldn't ask me any questions. And they didn't. When the times came, and they did, they quickly and quietly followed my directions to exit the classroom to safety.
I guess Lot's wife didn't teach her that.
In the same way, God gives us warnings. We should heed the warning without question, without looking back. He gives us many warnings in His Word. If we know His Word, we can follow it. Disasters still happen today, and we may find ourselves having to leave behind things we love. But in the end, most of it is just stuff -stuff that mostly can be replaced -stuff that is not eternal. What is eternal is your soul, and the Word of God. God has promised His people treasure beyond measure. Remember, He wants His best for you. So when God says to run, RUN!