Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Apple Country Update

Bill and Rae are beyond thrilled by the generosity of the KY team! The new school van is keeping them from going in the hole each month for transportation. The van is also increasing ministry opportunities. Bill can drive it now, but still does not drive it to my city. On those roads, who can blame him? Rae is learning to drive! When there are two drivers, they say they will make the trip, otherwise they still take the bus.
They were here recently during the major festival of Diwali, or Festival of Lights. We celebrate the One True Light in Jesus Christ! I did a training on the Biblical basis for research, and collected Bill's numbers from the last year. He could see the value in reporting after we looked at examples of census taking in the Bible. He also saw the need for accuracy in reporting -not over-reporting, so that needed resources didn't get to his area because others thought he already had them. He saw the reason for not under-reporting, so that resources he didn't really need were diverted to his area from an area which really needed them. The numbers revealed where there needs to be more emphasis. They also revealed the toll that concentrating on the school took on his ministry, and the need for helpers. A monetary gift by the KY team will help in several areas -Bill needs to replace himself as teacher so he can just be the director, and be free to do more of his passion. They were also behind in their rent, which is a bad witness. We spent time praying together over the needs, and wise uses for the money.
Bill called and told me Rae's grandfather is very ill, and has been sent home to Rae's father's home to die. Bill shared the Good News and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior! His wife did as well! I had the blessing of watching them be baptized the very next evening -by Skype!!