Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It's been almost two years since I've been to the small school in the Himalayas. I've wanted to return ever since I first made the journey. This time, I went a different way, a way which required me to get a special permit for foreigners to enter the restricted area. It is very close to Tibet.

 This is where the principal and his family stays, as well as some of the single teachers. We stayed on the ground floor. The outhouse is to the right. The water pump and where we wash clothes is to the left!
 The views were unbelievable!
The kids met on the rocky field every morning for assembly under the intense sun. The school is up about 13000 feet.
 You can see why they (almost) all have their heads covered!
 The teacher to the left teaches Sanskrit. The other two are from South India. One teaches Science, the other math.
They have a really wonderful library but don't really know how to use the materials, so we had one day of training in the library.
 The children stole my heart. They are so precious!
These are the little ones. Nan taught them every morning for three hours while I trained the teachers.
This little guy lived very near the school, and didn't ever want to go home when his class was dismissed!

 Principal's adorable son.
 The road home.
Used to be the highest Tibetan Monastery in the world but now nearby in Comic is a higher one.  This one is at 14000 feet!
Ki monastery.
Hope you enjoyed my journey to the high places! Please pray for the people there, and the workers. The conditions are tough, but some day....

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