Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Girls Bible Club Lessons Learned From Dorcas

The day I returned home some of the girls came by to ask if we were having Bible Club Saturday. So, we had it, of course! Ten girls came. I had a late Valentine's Day party for the girls, celebrating the love of Jesus. Jerry and I made heart-shaped pick cookies for them. Thanks to a wonderful care package from Larry and Janis, I had Christian Valentines, conversation hearts, and red hots for the girls as well.
I told the story of Dorcas, a true example of kindness, goodness, and love. Dorcas was first, a disciple. She was obedient, as she gave to the poor and helped the widows by sewing tunics for them. She was resilient, caring, amiable, and a seamstress. You can read her story in Acts chapter 9.

The girls made beaded keychains in the shape of animals. It was great having them back in my home. It was great reminding them that Jesus loves them. 

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