Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

It's trying to snow, but it isn't sticking. It's too wet. I've heard from Bill in Apple Country and he has three feet of snow! It's c-o-l-d! Bill and I are making plans for the new school year beginning in February. I am working on the preschool curriculum, and he will take care of grade one through four. They signed the lease for the next five years to include the first floor as well as the ground floor. All of it needs painting. The rooms upstairs need to be prepared. The parents really want him to fence in the yard. And, they are praying for a school vehicle. This will greatly increase the potential number of students. It will also be a source of income during school hours and school holidays, as there are so few taxis in the village.
Depending on road conditions, two colleagues and i plan to go the second week of February. I will be training the new teachers, and visiting the women's groups in the area. By helping the school I am helping Bill and his ministry. The school has opened many doors.
Stay safe tonight! God bless you! Thanks for reading my blog and praying for the people with beautiful feet and those they meet.

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