Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Girls Bible Club Learn Lessons From Anna

Ten girls came this week for a special mid-week meeting of our Bible Club in celebration of the fact that exams are over! We learned about Anna, the prophetess who saw the baby Jesus at the temple. What a life of devotion Anna led. She trusted God to provide for her. She worshipped and prayed day and night!
I taught the girls some Christmas songs to get ready for our party. This week, the girls made scrapbooks. Thanks to donations from home, they had many colorful papers and stickers to choose from! They LOVED it!
They did a wonderful job on their scrapbooks. We are preparing the way for the celebration of the birth of Christ. I want the girls to understand the true meaning of the celebration. To understand Christmas, they must also understand Resurrection Day. I have a party planned for their families on Dec. 18. I will give each family a special movie about the life of Jesus. I appreciate your prayers about the Christmas party.

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