Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Christmas Celebrations

My goodness! Time has gotten away and I still haven't posted more Christmas photos! Here are some photos from Christmas Eve in my home with the precious ones from Grace Home for Children:
 They've been going caroling all month, so they started our evening by singing carols for me!!
 We began with prayer, and the Gospel Message within the Story of the first Christmas. The kids helped tell the story. We sang more carols.
 Time for games! Pin the nose on Rudolph!
 Baby Nobel got passed around a lot. Her parents serve as cooks and helpers at the Home.
 The big boys hold the Snowman for the Snowball Toss game.
 Prabha's sister has bad health, so she is super happy to get out and have fun!
 Prabha took her turn. All the adults got into the games as much as the kids!!
 Rachel and baby Nobel.

 This game is JESUS Bingo.

 The younger kids made nativity scenes with stickers.
 The older kids and adults made nativity ornaments, both projects thanks to friends who sent them!
 Everyone loves to play Bingo, young and old alike!

 Thanks to Christmas money, I was able to have a Secret Santa Shop so that the kids could go shopping for gifts for whatever family or friends they wanted to give a gift to. Then, they decorated the wrapping paper with stamps and ink (given by friends in FL).
 Isika wrapping her gifts.

 The kids love pizza and Chinese food, so I ordered both.

 They love chicken chow mein and spring rolls! I also made a birthday cake for Jesus, cup cakes for the kids, and cookies

 They sit on the floor and eat with their hands. We had 23 kids and 7 workers.

 Thanks to Christmas gift money, I was able to purchase a gift for every child and worker. They were so happy! Mostly dolls, cars, and umbrellas for school! The Pastor and his wife gave me a set of fabric for a new suit! Bill, Rae, and Pallu also came again this year from Apple Country. They brought Rae's cousin as well, so we had a full house and a wonderful time celebrating the eve of our Savior's birth. I have been lighting an Advent candle every Sunday, so I shared all the candles with them, and the meanings, then we lit the Jesus candle just a few hours early. We sang Silent Night by the candle light, and our evening came to a close.
Bill, Rae, the cousin, and Pallu and I all went to Pastor MP's Christmas Service and Celebration in a rented hall. Hundreds came and heard the Christmas message, and saw the reenactment of the First Christmas, plus lots of dance and song performances. Even Santa showed up. I was asked to give a Christmas message. I shared about the Colors of Christmas and their meaning. All this was followed by a delicious lunch.
 This is Vicky, Pastor MP's son.
 The morning started with carols.

 The two in the front are Pastor MP's kids, Vicky and Nancy.

 Time for the cake! All the special guests had to help cut the cake, then Santa served a piece and smeared it on my face! Ah, well, it's the tradition!
It was four o'clock before we got home! 
Later on I was able to Skype with my family and watch them open there gifts! Almost like being there! Well, almost.
Praise the Lord for His Wo
rd going out to so many on this day!