Saturday, January 14, 2012


New Year's Eve, I first went to Pastor Ajay's for a prayer meeting. Several local pastors were there, including Rev. Malik from the big yellow church on the Ridge. He gave the message. We prayed, sang, and had traditional snacks. Later that night, I went to the CHildren's Home to have prayer meeting and see in the New Year with Rev. Paul, Prabha, and the kids who were left, plus some neighbors. We shared blessings from the previous year, and prayed in the new year. I didn't get home until 1:30 am! 
New Year's Day, I went to church at Pastor Ajay's church. After that service, we went to MSB, a town about 45 minutes away where he has a church start. They meet in an old stone church building which is now the YMCA. It is full of bunk beds and furniture! The women sat on the floor and the men sat in chairs as well as the older guests like me! It was completely open and so cold! Praise the Lord they served us lunch after the singing! Jyoti fussed because they didn't have any spoons, but I am always packing! I am too messy not to! 
After lunch, we sang some more, prayed, and listened to Pastor Ajay's message. Well, I tried to understand it, but he goes to fast for my language abilities. 
After the service, we went to Ajay's sister's condo for snacks and to get warm! So, I had a wonderful New Year's with four services in two days, and getting to see a lot of my local partners.

 Some of the ladies sitting outside in the sunshine.
 They prepared the food we ate rght there outside.
 Inside the church
So, I had a great start to 2012. I feel so blessed to be here joining Him in His work in SA. I hope you will continue lifting all of those in the photos up in prayer.