Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moms and Friends Return

Last Wednesday, Moms and Friends returned to learn lessons from Lydia. On a very rainy day, five ladies came. They were absolutely thrilled with their gift of a set of measuring cups and spoons sent with me from Sylvia and my mom.
Lydia was a seller of purple cloth who would meet with other women down by the river for prayer. After hearing about Jesus, the Son of God, she believed, and invited Paul to stay awhile. Her whole house believed. She is the first recorded believer in Europe. She practiced hospitality, and held church in her home.
After the story and discussion, we retreated to the kitchen to make healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a favorite with the ladies. Manju's mother-in-law loves these low sugar cookies. These cookies make Manju's life these days a little more bearable. Every week we have prayer requests for relationships with mother-in-laws. God's Word teaches the women how ot respond, and how to model for their daughters the way their mother-in-laws should be treated.

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