Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visiting a Pre-School/Kindergarten

In preparation for presenting a training for the teachers of this pre-school/kindergarten, I have been doing some observations. The school is very impressive. Take a look!
Play School is a bit of a misnomer, as a lot of academic achievement goes on here. My educational philosophy is that learning should be fun. I found that to be true here, at least in the first three levels. KDG 2 is academically tough!
National language class. This is an English medium school, but the children receive daily instruction in the national language.
 Frobel has a wonderful playground -probably the best in the city.

 They have a small zoo as well with bunnies...
 doves and pigeons...
and an aviary full of different colorful birds.
 Painting with starch paint. This will be background paper for a pond scene.
 The nursery class (3.5 years to 4.5 years old) starts their day with what we would call centers. This is the number center where the child traces the numerals.
 Pound, pound, pound, roll, roll, roll the clay.
 Block center.
 Matching center.
 The students are learning about farm animals.
The focus letter of the week is "a." Play group classes (2.4 to 3.4 years old) learn 12 letter sounds, and nursery class learns the sounds of 26 letters.
 In the creativity room, the nursery students made foot prints.
 Each co-ordinating teacher has two teachers with her, and an aide to do all the messy work, and help with toileting needs, snack, snaps, buttons and zippers!
 The students review from their class big book.
 Puzzle time. Each table had different sets of puzzles.

 Kindergarten 1 class. Now they are at desks.

 Kdg 2 class is doing a science experiment with plants.
 The walls of this school are colorful and inviting.

Now, doesn't this look like a fun place to learn? And this is in a country where 50 % of the population lives below the international poverty line. The adult literacy rate is 58 %.

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