Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Visits

Today I went along on home visits to the homes of the Light of Hope Center girls. Each girl's family is visited. Next week there's a parent meeting with a gift for those who come on time. The center workers shared announcements with the families, checked on how they were doing, and prayed for them. One mom is behind in her rent again, and asked for help. Another mom was burned with cooking oil and asked for ointment. Another had prescriptions for glasses and need money to get them filled. The Light of Hope Center helps the families in many practical ways, but they also pray for the families, and provide a nurturing Christian environment for the girls.
 Lots of goats on the way as a part of an NGO's project to help the village.

 The only outhouse we saw.
 Two of the LOH girls whose families we visited.

 She's making poop sticks for fuel. She scoops up poop and smashes onto the sticks to dry.
 This is Jasmine's family.
 Many others came to see the white ladies. They asked to have their photos taken.
 The one n the middle goes to the center.
This is Shuma's mom, holding her grandchild.

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