Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Return to Apple Country

The journey to Apple Country is an all-day affair over dangerous winding roads. In just my daily living, I forget I live in the Himalayas, but am quickly reminding when I travel through them.
Well, Im having difficulty adding photos.

The views are breath-taking (and so are some of the bumps). These days the skies are a rich blue and the air crisp. Okay-it's downright cold in the mornings and at night! Especially when you have to go outside to "go." Inside around the stove, it is nice and toasty. My room didn't have heat, but my friend's down sleeping bag kept me cozy. I was delighted to find that it is too cold for the huge insects I shared the room with on my last visit.
I returned to the English School to encourage the new teachers, do some demonstration teaches, and help make the school presentable and inviting. Thanks to donations from friends, the walls are decorated with foam sheets the kids designed as well as paper birthday cakes for each month.
The mud walled rooms are cold, so the children sit outside.
Even the teacher training was outside.
They didn't know how to use many of their teaching materials, so we played a sound-matching game!

Apple season is over. The people in this district don't celebrate Diwali much. Instead, they celebrate Lavi, which commemorates a cooperation between the former king of this district and Tibet. This is a time to spend all the apple profits and but new clothes and items for the home. On the way back, I stopped by the Festival area to buy a new shawl. My helper discovered that you mustn't wash a wool shawl in hot water. It shrunk to one-fourth its original size.

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