Friday, November 05, 2010

Fun at Aunty's House

No school for Diwali means a trip to Aunty's house to make crafts, speak in English, and learn songs. Thanks to generous donations from friends in FL and GA, I have craft supplies for the kids from Grace Home. I've divided them into groups. You've seen photos of the youngest group. This is the middle group ages eight to twelve years old. 

This ten-year-old is in grade three. She is Nepali, and loves to do crafts.
This girl's voice is as beautiful as her smile! I think I will give her a solo on "Away in a Manger." She is in grade five.
Pearly, a delightful eight-year-old has no living parents, so Rev. Paul and his wife consider her their own. She has been with them since she was four years old.
This lovely Nepali girl is eleven years old and in grade six. She has only recently come to the home because her mother cannot care for her.
Christy is the Rev. Paul's daughter. She and Pearly (their adopted daughter) are the only children who are not in need of sponsors. 
This beautiful nine-year-old has two older sisters at the home with him. Two other siblings live with another family. His parents are both living but unable to care for the kids, as he has lost both of his kidneys. He must travel 1/2 a day every ten days to get to this city to do his dialysis. He is a pastor, but is unable to properly care for his flock. His wife still visits villages and shares the Good News. She even shares in the hospital. She prays for all who are near her husband. They've been struggling in this way for over a year. I had the privilege of meeting them the other day. His mom has such a strong spirit. She said, "We are very poor, but I welcome you to my home."
Finished products! I love having the kids over!

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