Sunday, March 30, 2014


I know it has been awhile since I posted. I will try to do better, but honestly, I don't know who is reading this. Anyway...
Apple Country is where the Victorious English School is located. It was started by Bill and Rae (my names for them) five years ago. Many volunteers have helped this school over the years. Bill and Rae poured their lives into this school. They showed the love of Christ to the children and the families. The school was quite different than the other schools because of the involvement of their American educational consultant, and many volunteers -all sharing the love of Christ, and praying for the people of the valley. Well, the other schools didn't like their success. The Hindu fundamentalists said that the god of their temple told them to close down the school. The parents did not want to pull their children, but the community members threatened them. The parents met with Bill and Rae and asked them to come talk to their god. Bill explained that he could not possibly do that -he could not acknowledge another god. Despite one more year on their lease, the landlord was also threatening Bill and Rae. He sent his sons to abuse Bill. 
The parents did not send their kids. The land lord is not threatening them anymore, since there is no school. He had been threatened that if he didn't run off Bill and Rae, they wouldn't do business with him. 
 Bill and Rae are in another town where Rae's brother and family live. They had already bought property there. He says he will return to Apple Country to continue to share there, but I don't know about the school. I think it may be finished -at least for now. 
Please pray for Bill, Rae, and the families who were touched by Victorious English School. Pray for the kids who have to go to new schools. 
When Bill told me about the people wanted him to talk to the gods at the temple, I was reminded of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. I couldn't help put pray that some act of God destroys that temple (but not the people) so that they would know God is the One True God!

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