Friday, February 10, 2012


A little five year-old friend of mine loves to make crafts. When I go to visit, it is the first thing she asks me, "Do you have a craft?" So, with Valentine's coming up, her mom and I decided we should make Valentines for her friends. 
We used: red, pink, and white card stock, scissors, hole punch, heart cookie cutter, yarn, fancy scissors, glue, white chenille sticks, feathers, buttons, foam stickers, and ribbon scraps. Here's what they look like:

 Here's how to make them.
1. Fold the paper in half window way. 
2.Trace the heart cookie cutters, and cut out 2 at a time. 
3. Use the scraps to cut out smaller hearts with the fancy scissors.
4. With a hole punch, punch the sides of the hearts from side to side (two together).
5. Tie a long piece of yarn to one hole. Put a piece of tape on the other end to make "sewing" easier.
6. Tie off the end and trim, after lacing through the holes. 
7. Decorate the hearts with smaller hearts, stickers, buttons, and feathers. We put glue in a cup and use Q tips.
8. After decorating, we made a handle with either a white chenille stem, or a piece of ribbon, tying it through the top holes on the sides of the Valentine pocket.
9. Next, my little friend wrote a message on a strip of white card stock. Valentine's Day is a great time to share the love of Jesus with friends and family.

Each one is different -just like her friends! Each is made with love -just like her friends! Finally, she added the message and some small candies to the Valentine pockets.