Friday, September 09, 2011

Moms and Friends Learn from a Bad Girl

 The ladies wanted to learn how to make pizza dough.

 We also made bread sticks from the same dough. Each lady chose their own fillings.
 I prepared the sauce ahead of time. We made a cheese pizza!
 Finished bread sticks.
 Singing to the Lord!
We learned from the adulterous woman today. Even the bad girls have much to teach us. The Pharisees were not after social justice when they brought the woman before Jesus, or they would have brought the man as well. It takes two after all. No, they were trying to trap Jesus. They told him she had been caught in the act of adultery and should be condemned to death, what did He say? He just drew in the sand. They kept after Him for an answer. If He said she she be stoned to death, He would be breaking the Roman law because Jews could not put to death other Jews. If He said she should not be stoned to death, He would be breaking Mosaic law. Finally, Jesus stood and said for the one among them that was without sin to cast the first stone. One by one the men turned and left until only the woman was standing before Jesus. With no one left to condemn her, Jesus told her neither did He condemn her. He told her to go and sin no more. He didn't ignore the fact that she had sinned, He forgave her and called for her repentance -to turn from her sin and turn to Him. Jesus show us once again how He values women as much as men. He is fair and just. He separates the sin from the sinner. He has compassion. He is wise. He knew what those guys were up to!

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